Atiqa launched Sitaarah in 2022 just as she was turning 50.

After spending decades working in senior roles in the spa and skincare industry, formulating gorgeous products and treatments for other brands – as well as running their operations for them – she decided the time was right to create a range of her own.

She wanted her skincare brand to reflect her dual British and South Asian heritage and to be underpinned by a commitment to truth, honesty and integrity.

Her Sitaarah journey began in 2018 and, drawing on all of her knowledge and experience, Atiqa spent the next four years researching, experimenting, creating, formulating, testing and perfecting until she was sure she was ready to introduce her first products.

Skincare can be confusing, with bewildering lists of ingredients and ‘magic’ formulae, so Atiqa set out to make products that focus on simplicity, while bringing about beautiful results both for your skin and in how they make you feel.

Using only a handful of ethically-sourced organic and natural ingredients in each one, Sitaarah products are irresistibly aromatic, easy to use and uncomplicated – but they have maximum impact. They are super-nutritious, will help to balance your skin and are beneficial for both the mind and body.

Atiqa has five sisters and two brothers and her parents are first-generation immigrants from Pakistan. She has taken inspiration from her parents’ unwavering work ethic to break through social barriers and overcome stereotypes throughout her life. The launch of Sitaarah is a rewarding and enriching culmination of this journey.

Sitaarah actually came out of adversity, when Atiqa was facing a difficult time in her life. But it was also a time when she received a great deal of love, kindness and support that helped her through. This gave her hope. And Sitaarah became the light at the end of the tunnel, enabling her to create happiness for herself and to nurture a desire to create happiness for others through her beautiful products.

This is why she chose the name Sitaarah, which means ‘star’ or ‘destiny’ in the ancient languages of southern and western Asia.

Sitaarah’s very own super star is Atiqa’s husband, Justin, who has been (and continues to be) a tower of support – showing strength, kindness and commitment to help the brand grow and develop, he is always there to juggle his own career with the demands of Sitaarah… and, of course, of Atiqa! They have been together for almost 30 years.


Handmade in Oxford, the City of Dreaming Spires, our products are formulated using only ethically and sustainably sourced organic and natural ingredients.

All our ingredients are carefully selected for their physical and mental wellbeing properties, then blended into luxury products that are beneficial for both the mind and the body – products that are intended to make you feel good, to lift your mood and to leave your skin healthy, nourished and glowing.

Our products are effective and exquisite. In each of them we have blended the finest essential and carrier oils to balance and complement each other. There are no ‘makeweights’ – every ingredient serves a purpose, working in perfect harmony with each other to produce maximum results for your skin and wellbeing.

In order to maintain the highest standards of quality we make all our products in-house – we do not outsource manufacturing. This ensures that we control exactly what goes into our products and how they are made.

We are motivated by a genuine desire to do good – for customers, suppliers, our team and, ultimately, for the planet.

Sitaarah products are ethical, organic and natural. We believe they are good for you – for your skin, your body, your mind and your soul.


Our aim is to be as ethical and environmentally conscious as possible.

We use recyclable glass, paper and aluminium in our packaging. Our aim is to minimise waste and we try to reuse packaging from our suppliers whenever we can – and when we can’t, we recycle it. We encourage our customers to do the same.

This is an area we constantly strive to improve.