What to Look For When Choosing a Natural and Organic Body Oil

When we think about skincare, the focus is often on our faces – but what does this mean for the skin on our bodies?

All too often, the skin that covers our bodies can be neglected due to it being hidden under clothing. But as our largest organ, it’s important that we give the skin a little extra love and attention.

A good body oil can be just the ticket – helping to revive dry skin and give it the extra care it deserves, all whilst feeling like a luxurious treat!

Preventing the loss of natural moisture too, body oils are suitable for skin prone to irritation, sensitivity, acne, dryness and redness. Add some essential oils to revitalise your body and uplift your mind as well.

So how do you choose a good quality body oil that will leave skin nourished and silky soft?

Natural, organic ingredients

The key to a good body oil is in the ingredients.

“One of the key factors to consider is the quality of the ingredients” says Atiqa, “look out for organic and sustainable ingredients.”

Argan oil, a key ingredient in some of the top-rated body oils, is one of the most nourishing. While sweet almond and coconut oils are packed with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to soothe and enrich your skin.

Combine these with calming essential oil blends like Lavender, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood and they produce a spa-like experience and a gentle, warm and heady aroma that will last for hours.

Perhaps most importantly, make sure there are no harsh chemicals added as these can reduce the benefits of the nourishing natural ingredients.

Uplifting or relaxing?

Sitaarah’s Tranquility Body Oil contains all these key natural and organic ingredients with no harsh chemicals added. It’s formulated to nourish, regenerate and tone your skin – leaving it feeling soft, smooth and radiant.

Looking for something more energising? Perhaps the wonderfully fresh Vitality Body Oil, with it’s uplifting essential oil blend of Lemongrass, Juniper Berry, Patchouli and Rose Damascena, is more appropriate.

Body oil review

The combination of natural and organic skin-enriching ingredients and essential oils makes body oils like this a truly powerful way to enrich both the skin and mind.

“Take a moment to breathe in the fragrance before gently massaging onto your body for soft, glowing and nourished skin.”

Sitaarah review 1

Sitaarah’s body oils are highly rated by customers and increasingly popular among influencers in the UK.

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